Internet and Print Advertising

Internet And Print Advertising At An Affordable Price

Internet Advertising

internet advertising VancouverThere are many different mediums for advertising on the internet, but the two I recommend to clients is advertising with Google and Bing. When you search Google for goods or services the first three results that appear are advertisements. The way the search engines charge for these advertisements is based on how many users click on them. The price per click, or PPC for short, is determined by supply and demand. I have experience creating and managing search engine advertisements for businesses and charge significantly less than most web design firms. You determine how much you want to spend on these advertisements (per day, per week or per month) and I can start or stop them anytime for you. You will also have full access to the management platforms and I will link your advertisements with website analysis and statistics tools to see how effective they are. Periodically we will sit down and review how your advertisements are performing and develop strategies to improve your results.

Print Advertising

If you are looking for brochures, fliers, business cards, postcards or just about anything printthat can be created when you put ink on paper I can create it. Choosing the proper colors, fonts and images may often seem simple but there is a science to it. The layout and design of a marketing piece forms a deep impact on it’s effectiveness. Professional graphic design is based on creating something that can and will evoke a particular response, whether that be conveying a message or persuading potential buyers. Contact Me today for a free quote.