Photo Galleries and Portfolios

Beautiful Responsive Photo Galleries And Slideshows

A Well Designed Photo Gallery or Portfolio Is Crucial

photogalleryA photo gallery that “works” sounds like a simple request. Unfortunately I see photo galleries all the time that are poorly designed, unorganized or difficult to navigate. The photo galleries that I create are not only visually appealing but also functional and easy to use. If your in the service industry 90% of people who visit your website will go directly to your gallery or portfolio to see your work. If at any time that customer runs into a problem they will leave your website. There are many ways I can customize your photo gallery including transition effects, different button sizes and shapes and custom text below images. Click here to see an example of a simple photo gallery I created for a client.

Responsive Image Sliders

The term “responsive” simply means when you change your browser size, or device, that element will “respond”, or adjust to fit that device. In website design entire websites can be responsive (such as this website – try resizing your browser) or individual images can stretch to fit your browser window. One of the most popular trends in web design today is having a slideshow on the front page that is responsive to the users browser. Click here to see an example of a responsive slideshow I created for a client (the website is currently under construction).