Benefits of a Blog for Business ?


 Blogs are the original form of Social Media


 Blogs represent a centralized hub for consumers to have deeper engagement with your brand

 Benefits of blogs from a marketing perspective:

o Constant link building – link building helps SEO, and blogs are strong links

o Viewed as resource – establish authority and credibility through in depth posts

o Soft sell – friendly way to sell your product in low-pressure environment

o Deep, topical links – links to individual pages with strong anchor text

o Highly sharable content – generates new exposure and credibility

o Engage with fans – invite users to your blog for deeper communication

 Blogs lead to more visitors – 55% more

 Sites with blogs are more likely to generate inbound links

o People are more likely to link to an in-depth blog post than a home page

 Sites with blogs have over 400% more indexed pages: good for SEO

 Four questions to ask about blogs:

o Who is your audience?

o What is your purpose?

o How will you measure success?

o Are your plans sustainable?

 80/20 rule for blogs: 80% are first time visitors; 20% are repeat visitors

o Plan to convert these 80% into repeat visitors

 Five things to know before blogging:

o How to write well

o How to engage an audience

o How to focus

o Basic SEO

o Basic public relations

 Build a content plan to manage your content creation and publication

 Editorial calendars are hugely helpful to ensure that content is published regularly.

 Use search keywords to gather ideas for blogs

 Use event listings to plan blogs posts around important company and holiday events

 Examine how to add call to actions onto blog posts to encourage conversions

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