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  • #1 Website reaches the wrong audience
  • #2 Poor navigation leads to users getting lost
  • #3 Poor standard of Copywriting
  • #4 No evidence of Call to Action to guide users
  • #5 Poorly Illustrated Service Offer

Our websites that look good in all devices.

First Impressions Last Forever

vancouverwebdesign1When a potential customer visits your website the first thing they will judge you by is the layout and design of the site. How many times have you visited a website looking for services and left before reading any of the content because the layout was unorganized, the design cookie cutter or the content dated? I understand that you are unique and your business is successful because you have differentiated yourself from your competitors in a way that is valuable to your clients and customers. Your website should reflect that

Your Business Is Important To Me

One huge advantage of being a freelance website designer in Vancouver is that I interact directly with vancouverwebdesign2my customers. Often clients come to me from firms that are so big their concerns never got addressed because they were “lost in the shuffle”. I pride myself in taking time to listen to my customers requests and desires to create a website they will be proud to show their customers. My goal is to create a website that will showcase your business while maximizing your return on investment, making your website project not an expense but an investment.

Custom Website Design

vancouverwebdesign3Every website I design is customized for each client. Templates, layouts, graphics, and color schemes are just a few of the considerations we will discuss before designing your website. If you have a specific layout or design request I will sit down with you to ensure I create exactly what you desire. Of course I have templates from websites I have created in the past, and we can base your site off one of those, but if you see a site that you like I can create a custom template for your business. Your custom website will showcase your specific offerings and engage your ideal customers, so you can meet your long-term business goals faster.

I Build Responsive Websites

A responsive website responds to your browser size. This means whether you load yourvancouverwebdesign4 website on a computer, tablet or cell phone the website will adjust to fit that device. In todays world clients are using tablets and cell phones with increasing frequency and it’s crucial your website is ready. If you adjust the browser size on any page of my website you will see the layout adjust. Below a defined pixel size you will see a drop down menu appear rather than squeeze or distort the navigation bar. Images and text will center for uniformity and certain images will stretch across the screen and automatically resize. There are many other subtle changes I can customize so your website looks great no matter what device your client is using.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

vancouverwebdesign5Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is creating your website to rank well with search engines, most notably Google and Directories. There are many factors that go into search engine rankings and it’s a subject I have a lot of knowledge and success in. Other web design firms charge unbelievable prices for SEO. I believe SEO is something that is essential starting the day your website goes live and I never charge extra for that service. Many firms charge $50 per month and will remove all your SEO if you don’t pay. This is an unfair practice and I don’t treat my clients that way.


If you want to sell your products online I can create an advanced eCommerce website to shoppingcartgrow your business.  I find the WordPress Shopping Cart platform the easiest and most powerful platform to create SSL secured eCommerce websites. An advanced eCommerce website can help your business grow by selling your goods and services for you 24/7/365. These certificates will protect your company from fraud and their site seal will assure your customers they’re making a purchase from a reputable company.

Custom Social Media Pages

socialmediavancouverA strong Social Media presence is a powerful part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Social Media pages do not cost anything to create and allow a powerful medium to reach your customers directly. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the three most popular Social Media services that every business should take advantage of. Other firms charge extra to design custom headers and logos for social media pages but this is a service I include in all website packages. I believe having a strong presence on social media is not just a recommendation, but rather a requirement. I can also manage your social media pages and create posts that are specific to your business and industry.

Additional Services

In addition to the services listed above there are many other ways I can optimize your webvancouverwebsite to produce results. A well organized and graphically appealing photo gallery can boost your site’s conversions and get you to connect better with your target audience. Advertising with Google and Bing can connect your business with qualified potential customers at a much higher level than traditional advertising while reducing cost. To show you exactly how your website is performing my website analysis and statistics tools show who is visiting your site, what they are viewing and help optimize your site for future visitors.



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web designer vancouver

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