Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Google+ And Twitter Pages Are Essential

Custom Social Media Pages

socialmedia2A strong Social Media presence is a powerful part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Social Media pages do not cost anything to create and are a powerful medium to reach your customers directly. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the three most popular Social Media services that every business should take advantage of. Other firms charge extra to design custom headers and logos for social media pages, but this is a service I include in all website packages. I believe having a strong presence on social media is not just a recommendation, but rather a requirement. I can also manage your social media pages and create posts that are specific to your business and industry.

The Key To An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive social media marketing strategy is the most cost effective marketingmoney innovation of the 21st century. For little to no cost you can reach your most loyal customers directly at any time. The mistake many businesses make is spamming their customers with information unrelated to their business. There are three catagories of people that follow a business on social media. Your friends and family, loyal customers and friends of loyal customers. I can’t find you more friends and family, but I can help you reach your customers and their friends. Successful social media marketing is about balance. You don’t want to push your products and services all the time, and you don’t want to spam your users with useless information. Contact me today to customize a social media marketing strategy for your company.